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Do not risk having your restaurant shut down due to a Grease Trap backup. Call the grease trap cleaner at Near Me Plumbing & Drains LLC to get routine check-ups and inspections! Need an emergency repair? We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (602) 649-6441 to schedule a service appointment.

Grease traps keep oils, grease, and solid food waste out of the wastewater system and are one of the most important parts of garbage disposal in any commercial kitchen. While routine cleaning is needed to keep your grease trap pumping optimally, you can’t always keep your traps from overfilling or breaking, especially when cooking all day. At Near Me Plumbing & Drains LLC, we offer prompt and reliable Grease Trap Installations, Repair, and Maintenance in Surprise, Arizona, and the surrounding areas! Call us today at (602) 649-6441 to schedule your next grease trap service.

Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance in Surprise, AZ, and Beyond

Your grease trap should be cleaned regularly to eliminate grease and oils that may have built up inside the trap. Failure to properly maintain your Grease Trap can result in clogs, backups, and unpleasant odors in your commercial kitchen plumbing. We recommend having your Grease Trap cleaned by a professional every 90 days. We can provide regularly scheduled cleaning services so your kitchen is always in compliance. Our plumbers will thoroughly clean your grease traps to eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent safety issues. All Grease Trap waste is disposed of properly and according to all local, State, and Federal regulatory requirements.

Top Benefits of Installing or Replacing a Grease Trap in Your Commercial Business

Here are some top reasons why every restaurant owner should install a quality grease trap:

Frequently Asked Questions About Grease Traps

What is the difference between a grease trap and a grease interceptor?
There’s no difference between a grease trap and a grease interceptor. Both terms are interchangeable terms used for any grease removal unit.
What Causes Grease
The most common sources of FOGs include:
Can I Install a Grease Trap on My Own?
It is recommended that a grease removal unit should be installed by a plumbing professional or a grease trap expert to ensure the system works effectively without any flaws.

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